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    First of all, you must not forget, even for a second, that time spent with an escort is not a "date". ... Read more
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    It's a known fact that in their desire to seduce women, men will create a sort of pattern which they have the habit of using constantly, in front of any kind of woman (well, routine...). ... Read more
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  2. Don't be pathetic!

Don't be pathetic!

It's a known fact that in their desire to seduce women, men will create a sort of pattern which they have the habit of using constantly, in front of any kind of woman (well, routine...). In case of escorts, things are a bit different. They are used to treat any relationship as a job, and it's a rare fact that they leave a client get on the other side of their soul's barrier. The numerous appointments they have (even in one day), create an uphill which they instinctively wish to keep, because what can be more pleasant than to have the most tempting offers every day, and their rejection not doing anything but to increase their number, frequency and ampleness.

This type of approach, imposed by well known attitude of men, makes them a bit more tough, more uncompromising and, of course, harder to seduce, because after a while, they are already familiar with many of the tricks used by men, or just simply have developed a relative immunity towards them, not even worth mentioning that they didn't choose this job to listen to lame compliments, sappy stories, or pathetic bragging about.

It's probably hard for you to imagine but a lady escort can laugh out loud or even get disgusted by clients trying to propose marriages, long term relationships or job offers at companies they own or work for. Even if they mean well, men making these kinds of proposals or letting themselves taken over by unnatural feelings in such affairs, probably do not succeed in guessing how much money does the escort earn, or how much they enjoy the freedom managing their lives.

Woman in general, know exactly what they want, and if they have been on this road again (a much free and wealthy life), they will not be easily convinced that waiting all nice and sweet for their husband to come home from work can be "a nice feeling".

So, we have a few suggestions for you to consider when deciding to meet an escort...that's for not getting to be ridiculous or for not making your presence seem uncomfortable or pathetic:

  • 1. - When phoning an escort, don't insist every 5 minutes thinking that eventually, she will answer. You must understand that it's in her interest to take all receiving calls, but probably in those moments she really is busy... By insisting and rushing, you can determine her to block your phone number so that she will not be disturbed again.
  • 2. - Do not try negotiating like at the open market for the price you are about to offer to an escort. If you're not comfortable with a certain price, you simply have the possibility to make another choice. Haggling itself has the gift to get you into what they call the "NO category".
  • 3. - Do not involve the escorts into fancy talk especially related to your job! First of all, you will talk like the TV screen (by yourself), and secondly, the next time you will have all the chances to be rejected on the count of the boredom you're creating. It's true, it's your money, but it's also her patience!
  • 4. - Do not brag with what you're not. Escorts have an extraordinary sense of "smelling" the money or the welfare of a client. The moment they realize you're bluffing, you will be treated accordingly.
  • 5. - Do not propose the escorts in marriage just because you're under the impression you had an excellent connection with her or they just physically attract you. Marriage or any other long term commitment is exactly the opposite of what these women want, and probably you will not wish for that either, after you have imagined all the details of what this implies.
  • 6. - Don't exceed drinking alcohol, thinking that you will have a better performance in bed after that. It is an illusion, and you will create some at least hilarious, if not pathetic situations.
  • 7. - Pay the price settled at first. This has been the rule for at least 2000 years, and most definitely you will not change it!
  • 8. - Do not threaten the escorts. Behind ALL the escorts there is at least "someone" whose stature will overcome your imagination.
  • 9. - Wash yourself, and mostly on your private areas, before meeting the escort. Unpleasant smells will cancel many pleasures that in other conditions, the escorts would have fulfilled without any problem.
  • 10. - Don't make promises you can never keep. They will remember you and probably they will cut you of the interesting clients list.
  • 11. - Do not brag about your looks or your macho man performances. Escorts have at least 2-5 clients per day, from which at least 1 looks pretty good and "has what he needs". If you're thinking she will still be impressed by something...you better reconsider that thought. These girls generally get amused by this kind of men, because they are entitled to wonder..."If you're that macho, how come you're calling for an escort?
  • 12. - Don't send messages to escorts, promising moments in ecstasy or exceptional sexual performances. If you're thinking, even for a second, that they are interested in that, you are very wrong. How embarrassing could it be if a girl will write to you bragging about how easy and eccentric is when she spends your money?
  • 13. - Do not hope to get something for free if you promise the escort you will give them oral sex. Besides, 90% of the clients use their tongue while performing...and that's not for mouth kissing. It may come hard to believe, but that's exactly how it happens!
  • 14. - Do not insist on wanting to meet the lady escorts for a cup of coffee. You will leave the impression that you did not understand the thing at which these girls are very good at, or you're stubborn enough to think that you're a "charmer" and hope to do it for free...which most definitely will not happen!
  • 15. - Don't let yourselves get carried away by the nice words or affectionate sweet talk of the escorts. It doesn't mean that they are in love with you. They are just playing the role for which they are paid.

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