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    First of all, you must not forget, even for a second, that time spent with an escort is not a "date". ... Read more
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    It's a known fact that in their desire to seduce women, men will create a sort of pattern which they have the habit of using constantly, in front of any kind of woman (well, routine...). ... Read more
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  1. Client advices
  2. Don't be pathetic!

Client advices

1. - First of all, you must not forget, even for a second, that time spent with an escort is not a "date". Nothing would have happened if you didn't need the sex, and her - the money. Therefore, do not expect too much emotional involvement from her, and also, it would be recommended that you control your possessive - sentimental outbursts, so commonly met in men behavior.


2. - Do not contact escorts that publish their ad in the paper. The mere presence in this kind of advertising betrays the affiliation to a much lower standard pattern, and in most cases, deceiving. This happens because paper ads represent a choice without many clear and recent photos that can create a much truthful opinion for what you are about to see in front of you when you open the door (your residence), or when you meet her (her residence). And surprises, believe us...can be really catastrophic.


3. - Once entered on specialized websites, check twice if the escorts aren’t hiding their face. Although it's not a rule, you have much better chances that the person you chose to really be the one you will meet.


4. - When thinking about contacting an escort, do not be troubled or worried concerning your age, looks, or sexual performances, sometimes over-criticized. No matter the bad impression about yourself, the escorts, most certainly, have seen much worse. These aspects are not their concern, but more important is for you to be clean, well mannered, and of course, generous.


5. - If you are on your first "love affair" of this kind, do not hesitate to sincerely share your current situation to the escort, asking that she would be more patient and understanding with you. If she's really a professional, most definitely will help you break through your shyness or not knowing the "rules" in this area of expertise, and finally you will discover that it may have been an interesting experience.


6. - When searching for an escort through their presentation pages, make sure your choice is based also on a few recommendations from other men (clients) that have met her. This way, you will lower the possibility of having unpleasant surprises.


7. - When on the phone, try asking all the questions to which you need an answer about your personal pleasures! Afterwards, the discussion "on the spot" can become embarrassing and in most cases...useless. In case you have the feeling that your companion is feeling bored from all the details, or is just trying to discretely avoid the answers, give it up no matter how exciting the pictures on the website seemed! If she behaves like this before cashing in, just imagine how she will be after...


I've read the following advice on some websites: "Do not discuss prices for sexual services, because you are paying only for the escort's time". This could mean that if the escort is in a mood for watching some soap opera while I'm sitting like an idiot on the side of the bed, waiting for something to happen for the money I paid...it should be normal. Well, NO...it's not normal!

Also it’s not normal that the asked amount to stay fix, while the services can be put under the category "depends on the attraction"!? Meaning it's not enough for us to be "generous"...but also to be attractive or at least pleasant?! I would understand the logic of this reason, if the escort herself would set the amount "based on her looks"! Anyway...unfortunately, the male hormonal activity sometimes acts like a shot with pure stupidity. And the escorts know it!


8. - Be informed about the escort’s medical tests which she should normally have to take regularly. If you notice any stalling or lies said in a rush, give up. Your health is much more important!


9. - When settling an appointment with the escort, do not wait for her in your apartment or your hotel room. If you find yourself in the awkward position to see that the person knocking at your door is about 10 - 20 years older and with about 30 kg "chubbier" than the one in the photo you’ve seen on the website, there will be some really embarrassing moments, and the hallway to your apartment or hotel room door is not really the most "strategic"" place for discussions and refusals. The most suitable place to meet her is in a nearby public place, from where you will have the possibility to leave at ease, or even ask for authorities to step in if something goes wrong.


10. - If you've chosen to stay in a hotel, you have to consider the fact that escorts never wish to show an ID at the Reception. The reasons are many, but the main and one of the most important is the discretion they wish to keep regarding their real names and address. That’s way, you will have to talk to the receptionist and come to an "understanding" (10 - 20 euro), and make sure that her/him does not ask too much information about your "visitor". You also might approach another "strategy", as waiting for the escort outside the hotel and then come back in with her, acting as you’re having a very private - intimate conversation in order to not give the staff at the hotel the chance to ask anything...although, don't count too much on the common sense of the staff!


11. - In case you wish to pick up the escort from her location, be careful so that the address is in a respectable neighborhood and by any means, do not continue your way if you see any suspicious presence at the entrance of the building, stairways, or even inside the apartment. In case of emergency, do not hesitate to call the authorities.


12. - Do not engage too much on money. After all, the offer varies, and you can always choose a more convenient one. When you are insisting on negotiating, the escorts will consider you as not a very generous client, and most likely they will not agree with your proposal.


13. - At the end, after... if you enjoyed her performance, a small "attention" in favor of the escort, will ensure you a place in her phonebook at section "interesting". Next time the odds are you will have even better "treatment".


14. - Do not try to skip paying the escort. Most definitely they have influencing friends in the city (maybe even policemen) or some big, aggressive "tough guy", who, for certain "favors" or amount of money will gladly appear at your door and "persuade" you to pay for his friend's services, and considering the given situation, also his trip to your door. Do some good thinking before, if the discomfort, headache, or even physical pain is worth such attempts.


15. - If you very much like the escort you've chosen, do not let yourself taken over by feelings and manly emotions, amplified by hormones and egos, trying to propose long term relationships (even as a mistress), marriages or trying to get her employed at the company you're working at or have. In 80% of the cases, the girls will think of you as an out of date and pathetic, or (even worse) a desperate individual who’s trying with the help of these tricks to take advantage of the escorts' services in a relatively free way. You must understand that they are, in reality, earning more than you can imagine, and even if you will offer her something absolutely identical (as income), the habit of their life will make it impossible for them to accept some household conditions (in case of marriage), relatively lack of freedom (in case of cohabitation), or consistency and seriousness (in case of employment).


16. - Do not ask too many questions regarding personal life of the escorts. Even if such "stories" seem interesting to you, be sure that in 90% of the cases, the girls will feel uncomfortable or irritated by those subjects (and they're not even to blame for)! Besides, neither would you like to be asked too many details about how your wife or mother-in-law would react if they knew where you were...


17. - Never forget that the services you "bought" have nothing to do with love or any other feeling that your ego would gladly show interest in, finding refuge in the heart of an escort. No matter your charm, no matter your careful language you use, the escorts are used to qualify everything by a capitalism learned in the school of life, and any shadow of affection or excessive feeling, premeditated or by benefit, will be harshly-negatively categorized. And if you put yourself in their place (mentally speaking), you will probably agree with them! So, have fun, be glad, enjoy the moment and...that's it!


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